What is The Tehran Summit?

Co-founded by Erfan Ghiasi and Ghazel in 2022, The Tehran Summit creates an alternative way of looking at the process of art-making and rejects the monopolization of art by the market. Due to travel restrictions to Iran, The Tehran Summit takes advantage of the internet and online platforms and creates a bridge between Iran’s artistic atmosphere and other countries and brings together different contemporary discourses and methods of art-making utilized by artists and art collectives. The Tehran Summit arises out of an urgent need for events initiated by independent art practitioners, non-profit collaborations, and radical thinkers in a climate heavily affected by commercial galleries, politicized art institutions, and market-oriented exhibitions. Concentrating on socially engaged art projects and contemporary aesthetics and philosophy, The Tehran Summit functions as a forum for visual artists, cultural practitioners, and thinkers to debut ideas and for organizers to engage summit audiences in their projects and communities.